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You can find a lot of free piano lessons over the Internet right now. They’re usually quite basic though, and there’s often a steep learning curve. Plus, you might not even be a native pianist so you might learn the piano for free but not be able to play it.

How do I find a music school that will pay me? There aren’t very many online school going, or even local school for piano. There’s also a lot of competition for piano lessons, and even for school teachers to get the best piano teachers that will teach you. And if you have a very keen interest or skills that may not be reflected in your piano abilities, chances are that you won’t be asked to tutor at any piano instruction school unless you’re in the top five of the class.

Why do I need to know my scales before I can learn to play piano? The first key to using your fingers to play a musical instrument is learning to use them. Most beginner piano students start with scales because they use their fingers more than their fingers on a keyboard, and because they use them in their music more than their hands. But there’s no shame in learning scales to make it easier.

How do I learn chords? Most people start with scales. But there’s a variety of other ways to learn to play music. Music theory plays a big role too, to learn more about chords.

How can I find a piano tutor who can charge me? Unfortunately for first-timers, there’s no easy way to find such professionals. But there are lots of great tutorials online.

How do I get a good sound for my piano? As mentioned before, there are lots of people who will help you learn to play piano, and they’re not shy about putting in a few hours of their own time here and there at your expense to help you out.
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Where do I get a lesson? There are plenty of options online to help you get started with learning to play piano for free.

What does Piano Teacher Mean By “FREE”? There isn’t really a free piano lesson out there that you can do in one or two days. Some teachers, who are paid for their services, will take their time getting your skills down so that you’ll be able to enjoy your lessons for free. Others will get you started, and take whatever kind of time they can when it’s convenient to them. It’s all about the time you have available and how much you can take. To get started

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