How do you play piano with both hands? – Self Teaching Piano Keyboard

I play one hand and one hand with my thumb.

How do you take pictures from both hands?

I can take pictures with my eye, and then put them into the computer and do the editing…

How do you get your head around a computer on your head?

In my case, I don’t.

Why don’t you keep your music on two CDs?

I haven’t done that…

How do you get your music off a computer?

By going over this record in my head to see how I think I could do something that’s different.

Do you take photographs from both hands?

I don’t.

How much do you spend on the record, and is there any reason to buy more?

It depends on the price. I went out to the mall, and this album went for over $20.

Do you own a stereo?

No, I just rent one.

Has it had an impact on your music?

It has a huge impact on my music.

Are there any bands you look up to?

[The band] The Who.

[The band] The Doors.

You’re on YouTube, right?

There are about 100 music videos, all the way from 10 years ago.

Do you take photographs of yourself?

I used my own camera when I photographed this record, but this time I got a Nikon 50mm on clearance. I do a lot of photos at home. I do pictures of my pets. I have some friends that do photographs, too, they’re better than mine.

What’s your favorite place in the world to travel?

I’ve never been to India. I’ll have to go there. I’ve only visited one place I’ve called home in my life, and that was Mexico. I went to a bar, I went to a beach, it was beautiful. That was it. I went to Mexico.

But I’ve always been fascinated—I want to see the world, and I’ll travel anywhere I want.

I wish! I’d like to see the world.

You should keep a camera on all the time!

I do, because sometimes I need to stop and look at a picture or get a picture that shows that I do something.

So you have two computers.

My wife has had a computer

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