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When is a beginner ready for formal piano instruction?

When do students become proficient, and when do they become proficient enough to be considered ready for formal piano instruction? Are there some steps a student should take toward becoming proficient, and why? What level of piano playing is appropriate for this transition?

When a student begins to play classical music, is he or she learning the right pieces of music, or is he or she learning a new piece? What should a player do to determine if his or her playing is sufficient or is “at the right level”? What happens should a student who knows the pieces well in high school, but cannot play them as well as he or she knows them now, want to play these pieces in concert?
How to Play a C4 Chord on the Piano | 15 Sec Tutorial ...

Is a professional pianist like me really better qualified to teach a professional pianist how to play than a beginner with only a knowledge of keyboard sounds? Do all students need to have the same amount of expertise as a high school math teacher to be successful at private piano lessons? If so, how much? Is it necessary to have these levels of expertise to be successful in private piano lessons?

Is there an important difference between practicing piano on the piano for its own sake and practicing the piano purely for the purpose of listening to classical music? If so, what is the right balance between playing well and listening well? Can a beginner be a very good piano player without listening well, or can a beginner really be a very competent piano player without listening well?

Does playing the piano (and learning to play piano well) mean you have to pay a lot of money?

What is the ideal time frame for piano lessons? How long does it take to learn piano by ear?

What should I do for my child, and is this really something I want my child to do?

Is there really no such thing as “bad” music? Or, is there something we can learn from music and art that will benefit us in our lives, while learning a ton on the piano?

Where should a piano player begin? What is the best place for a pianist to begin? After all, pianists are professionals, and should we really assume that all they need to do is learn the fundamentals and then move on to the advanced level of teaching? Or should they start off with simply learning to play and build from there?

Who should I coach?

What kind of coaching should I offer, and how much should it cost?


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