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This is one of the most widely debated topics in practice music. Although there is some research that supports more practice during a single practice session, a majority of studies in clinical psychology, including the most recent meta-analysis, argue that a 1-2 hour session of training is required for an effective learning effect. You can also read a more detailed explanation of the difference in time scales between the various types of musical practice.

How often should I practice?

Many teachers of musical practice believe that music teachers should not practice music in isolation from classical music as classical instruments are a “universal” form of practice, so it is better to practice with classical music than with the “usual” music one would teach one’s child to play in school. These schools believe that all music teachers should practice this type of music because classical music is their field of expertise and they may want to teach the students’ favorite pieces first. The question at hand is whether the time spent by one can be equally effective.
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In general, the amount of practice performed by one can be judged by the time required to perform the performance; for example, ten minutes is a reasonable amount of practice, while fifty-five minutes is probably an excessive amount of practice. Also, it is important to distinguish between “short” and “long” practice sessions. Short sessions tend to be less effective for developing musical skills because they generally take a long time, whereas long sessions give students time to rehearse their music and master their technique. In addition, they can become dull and boring – a well-practiced piece sounds fresh and pleasant (although it may also sound dull or boring to the student when played over and over again after a long session).

What is the difference between practice (interval) and practice (continuous)?

Continuous practice involves practicing music in between intervals, or in between periods or periods of a certain duration. It differs from interval practice which is similar to alternating periods of practice for intervals but which is characterized by playing intervals repeatedly, i.e. practicing for a few minutes.

The difference comes down to whether or not you choose intervals to practice. While the above definitions do not necessarily apply to all types of practice, they do imply a common practice practice is one of continuous practice, where you choose an interval when you do a short practice session on that interval to continue on to the longer practice session. In such cases, practicing between the short practice and the longer session may be similar to practice on a scale.

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