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The white keys on a piano are called keys. A white key is found on top of any piano top and is the most expensive key on the piano top. The white keys are found either on an upright or a concert piano and consist of the main key (A, B, C or D that is usually the same pitch as the main key), plus many additional minor or major keys (the “littler keys”), that are often played in unison or in pairs.

Is there a list of piano keys?

There are several lists or compilations of piano keys on the Web which can be consulted for particular details. For example, here is the list of keys used in a piano. (This is usually a good place to begin if there is specific information about a particular piano on the Web, so it’s not a complete list.)

Please note that the following keys are listed as they are located in the keys menu of the piano, but that is not always the case. Often they are in fact shown in other menus in the Piano World, so it is easy for the reader to switch back to their previous browser and see a different list. Click the piano image to find the individual keys.

Piano keys can come in any combination, the key combinations listed are usually given on the Piano World page, but sometimes even this is not consistent. In most cases when this is the case, it is best to consult the list in these links before making your own selection.

Jingle Bells Sheet Music for Beginner Piano Students
The links and other information in these pages that relates to the piano is useful. However, there is one point that is not explained: why all notes are used in unison at all times. In particular, the notes that are in A minor are in A only when the piano is on A major key (this is an error, the reason for this is explained below). Other times, this is not the case, for example in the case of the grandmaster, it is in A or A major.

A Note for Beginners

A note is used in both A and E when the piano is on the lowest level of the keyboard and all the pitches are equal. (That is, the piano is in scale C major when a note in A minor is played.)

A-flat minor. Note on the bottom octave.

D-flat minor. Note on the bottom octave of the keyboard.

F-flat minor. Note on the bottom octave of the keyboard

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