How much does a beginner piano cost? – Videos Learn How To Play The Piano

If you’re starting out on piano, expect to buy the basics for $100-125 with a couple of extras. That amount will vary based upon your skill and the piano’s specifications.

You might also consider buying a beginner’s keyboard with a selection of keyboard models to suit your needs.

In order to save money and learn more quickly, I highly recommend:

Using a Piano Shop (or piano school) that has a large selection of student and instructor-installed pianos to play and compare pianos. It’ll teach you a lot in the process and you’ll learn more quickly from the pros
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A piano teacher or piano studio you can play at. They’ll teach you how to play with a real piano (instead of playing music off a CD)

If you want to learn a whole new instrument, then there are lots of resources, as well as videos, online that teach you all the basics.

Do you have any other tips for beginners on buying a piano? If so, where can I find more?

Post a comment below.

Check out these pages for a comprehensive list of piano and piano accessories, starting out.

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