Is guitar harder than piano? – Piano Keyboard Techniques

Yes, it’s harder. You know that. This is the hardest part. The thing about it is, you gotta keep it fast. If you can hit the guitar fast, it doesn’t matter how good you are at guitar… you don’t make it good when your rhythm guitar sucks. Same thing with rhythm. You gotta get it fast. You gotta get those fast.

Pitch is a factor. If you don’t have it, then that’s your first point. How do you get that pitch down? What are your techniques? What are your playing ideas? Do you use speed scales? It’s a big difference. It’s not like you’re gonna get that high note if you’re slow. But it depends on how well you’re feeling it that night. If you’re feeling it really, really good, all of a sudden, the next day your feeling better… you can just feel the whole thing. So I think it’s just that in a certain way, you gotta get more than just the ability to play a lick. You gotta be able to get through an entire beat and be able to keep it under control and have some feel for what you’re doing when you get to the end.

Then you gotta have a great sense of rhythm; you gotta know what your feeling is. I think we’re talking about rhythm. We’re not talking about the ability to make certain notes sound different. Because if you can make a note sound different, that’s one thing, and there’s two other things. It’s not like we’re talking about things that are easy like how to change a key all the time, or a particular instrument. It’s not like that. No way.

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There’s a lot more than just rhythm. So let me just talk about pitch… first, there’s tone. Some people play really low notes, and others play really high notes. So let me talk about tone first, which is the thing that you need, and that everybody in the band needs, and that’s just one of them things.

To get the highest note that you can possibly get, you have to have the right notes and the right playing of the instrument. And if you don’t have that, then you’re not going to get the highest note you can possibly get. It doesn’t matter if it’s really high on a high note. No one ever got the “Hi Joe” high note because they just didn’t have the right notes… that’s for another lesson. But

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