Is it hard to learn piano at an older age? – Ipad Apps To Learn Piano

If I would have studied piano at an older age, I would’ve been better prepared for life. I think I would’ve been able to be an effective pianist earlier. In the beginning, it takes time to learn the piano. I think the piano really is a skill that requires time to learn. When you start to play that high degree of detail, the ears become used to it.

Is it hard to learn French and German?

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of studying.

How hard is it to learn languages?

I don’t think that it even needs time to learn the language. I would go through multiple dictionaries for different languages, in order to learn a language to its full extent. Once you know a language, you can’t forget it, so you have to learn it.

Can you teach anyone to play a new instrument?

Of course. It’s up to them and what they are willing to learn. For someone to start learning guitar, it isn’t difficult, just that you should study the fundamentals of the instrument.

The piano has to be a living instrument, because every day you practice, you need to learn. There’s also the pressure of playing the piano for many hours a day. But it’s also very important to be able to play well.

You need to work on a regular basis in order to become a better musician than the next person, or the music you play now won’t sound like it does tomorrow.

Do you think that you could become a teacher?

For one thing, I know many people who are quite talented musicians.

A couple of them are the best in the world — Björk, David Bowie, Elbow and the new Miles Davis. I would like to keep studying and improve my teaching.

I’d also like to be a concert pianist, because of the way that I play. I don’t do it to sell CDs, or to get high ratings or anything like that.

When you look at a concert orchestra, you’d see that they move around a lot. Some of the time, you wouldn’t even know what they’re performing. I would like to play the orchestra more at all times — every day. Sometimes it makes me happy, like when you can move your piano from one musician to another for hours — you don’t worry about a particular music because there are a lot of musicians playing.

If the orchestra

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