Is piano the hardest instrument? – How To Learn Piano By Yourself

Probably not. I hate the fact that I can’t make a song out of one of my favorite types of music.

Have you found much satisfaction or happiness in your work?

It’s hard to say because I find that most of my happiness has come from other people. People have always been the biggest thing I’ve been after when it comes to happiness and I’ve always been so grateful for that. I can be happy in an office and I can be happy on my own. That’s probably the main thing that I like and that it’s not too much trouble to get into.

What’s currently your biggest accomplishment in music?

When I got in the group, I got the biggest accomplishment for me. That and the fact that I got to do a song about the Beatles. As for fame or whatever, that’s great, but not for me. It’s for them. I think it makes a difference for them when you have success at a young age. It’s more important because they get to see how you grow and you get to experience things that you’d never be able to experience if you were a person without a lot of money. My biggest achievement on this album was to be able to do a song about the band. People who didn’t know them like, well, this is great. And there are some real fans out there.

What’s the least fun aspect of doing your shows?

It’s the physical thing. You go onstage and you can’t feel it. The nerves start to build up and it gets really bad. It takes a lot of energy to get through the show. You do this and then you say no again. You just get to a point of being overwhelmed by this.

Do you think you will continue to tour or would you want to stop at some point?” style=”max-width:440px;float:#left left;padding:#left 10px 10px 10px 0px;border:0px;”>
There’s nothing really wrong with me going to New York again one day and just playing one show; but I don’t see me doing that kind of thing anymore. I’d like to have it somewhere else and I don’t go around saying, okay I want to play at another club or play at a club, but I don’t see myself living out of my car.

Do you see your music as changing anything at all?

I don’t see music changing anything because I just want to express myself and express how I feel but I don’t see that changing anything in my life. I look at myself and I see a different person. I look

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