Is piano the hardest instrument? – Learn Piano Keys Video Please Don’t Bury

In my opinion, it’s the hardest piano, period. In every generation there is a new piano, which is used by the generation that comes into their own. This is especially true of the children, who come into their own with their own instruments. But with the piano, they have to learn it, it has to be in a way they can play. As a matter of fact, for some children, their first piano lessons are in an instrument called an “amatuer piano,” which means “an open-book instrument,” which gives them a very limited understanding of the piano and its sounds and techniques, so they have to learn the rules of the instrument. And also it’s extremely difficult. I’ve been working on doing a book on children’s piano playing for 10 years, and I’ve had children over the age of 5 learning the piano.

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Is there a piano in the background?

The whole thing of the background — or what is really on the screen and how much are we seeing? What we’re seeing as background is just a few objects and pieces of the background. We see the background, and then we see things that appear in the foreground, things like the trees, or on the ground, or in the air, or in a particular room, or whatever it is.

Is that a computer animation or something different?

Well, there’s a computer animation of the background, but it’s a simulation. The computer is there just a bit as an image; I do the animation. There are no real pictures. Every photo I take is not real. There are no photographs of me. It’s all computer information, and that’s the most important piece of the puzzle because they say that we’re seeing the background, but it is actually all computer generated.

What do the instruments do? Are they in harmony?

You know there are a couple of ways of doing this. One is to play it and see this and just say, “That’s an awesome piece of music! They’re doing such an amazing job!” And another way is to show other instruments to the audience. You don’t even know if it’s just two guitars or a piano or a drum. And there is a rhythm to the music in it, so if we can be a little more aware of the rhythm of the music and give our audience some background knowledge, then it makes them feel more informed.

Do you have to be that involved?

Yes, I do

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