Is piano the hardest instrument to play? – How To Learn Piano Faster

Piano is the hardest instrument to play if you don’t know what you’re doing! I’m very stubborn about it, but I don’t want to get on the piano too early. I love learning it and I love to improvise, so I don’t want to play too early…it will be a good excuse to sit down and practice on the piano when I get home!

How much time on the piano do you usually dedicate to learning and practicing?

I like a long time to practice. Especially when I’m a student and I spend many hours on the piano everyday. I use to have lots of students, but I prefer to practice more solo than with others. It’s nice to use my own time to practice on the piano. I find that most of my time is devoted to practicing or playing songs I composed earlier this year, or the melody for an upcoming song.

How often do you rehearse your piano work?

Sometimes I would get a few days to practice for a couple of weeks. Usually, I spend more time learning the piano than I spend rehearsing it. I don’t mind when I do practice. For me the most important thing is the process of composing. The other important thing is the way it plays. If I am doing it for about 2 hours or so, it is fine…if it’s for an hour or two I don’t mind playing the piano more. It can make me feel like I did something with the piece. It makes it more personal and I get more creative when I play an idea in the piano.

What are your main styles of piano playing?
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It’s usually a mixture. Some people like it very fast and fast paced. Some people like it slower and slow paced. Some people prefer simple, easy music, others prefer music with deep and intricate melodies.

Are you a pianist who would like to take music lessons if there was one available?

Of course! Yes, I would love to! I prefer a piano teacher that is my equal in terms of performance skills and the way he teaches. I prefer the idea of having a piano teacher that can play a lot easier than me! I know I can do much more with piano performance skills. I can go from piano teacher to music teacher all at the same time! I’m not saying I won’t play the piano if offered to work with a musical director, but it would have to be a better musical director than me! I would like

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