Is piano the hardest instrument to play? – Learn Piano Notes Easy Way

Kris: No. It’s the easiest. There’s a lot of notes in it, a lot of different sounds. You can get really sloppy in a way. I don’t know if that’s because I play the piano so many times. It’s the most difficult piece to learn. I’m not sure. It is easy to play sometimes, but I really just go to that last section and play. It’s not something that you work so hard on to get perfect, just to play that one note, or that last note. I just go through it.

What’s your view of the current state of “rock” music? What are your hopes or fears?

Kris: It’s going through a weird, confusing time right now. There’s still so much that hasn’t been done with the new music that hasn’t made it to the radio yet and there’s no “rock” radio anymore so it’s all kind of very sad.

How was the new record recorded?

Kris: It didn’t end up sounding like “The Killers,” at least there wasn’t any of the guitar soloing in there.

A lot of “rock” musicians today think of “rock” music as this kind of “obscure” stuff. Do you see yourself as more or less of a “rock” artist because you’re a musician like many musicians in the “indie rock” scene?

Kris: No, I really think that the kind of music that we like to hear on the radio is really good music. I don’t mean the kind of stuff that you feel sad about; I don’t mean that kind of music. I mean any kind of music that makes you smile: That’s where we want to go. That’s where we’re going anyway.

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Your band, The Lemon Twigs, is a little bit more modern than other bands in the scene. What does your current writing process look like?

Kris: We don’t have a writing process at all. Usually we get together once a month, we talk about what happened at the end of last week.

Your current live show is based around a song that’s about a breakup. Is the song a sort of personal reflection of who you are?

Kris: It is a breakup song but mostly I wanted to try and make a song that was really sad. I don’t know exactly what the lyrics are gonna be. It’s more about

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