Should I learn piano or guitar first? – Best App To Learn Piano Reddit Mmastreams

You can play any instrument, but some people consider piano and harmonica to be the best practice tools. If you’re already proficient with those, the benefits of learning an instrument may outweigh the fact you’ll be picking up an instrument that’ll become less and less convenient in the future.

Are there any books on instrumentals you recommend?

Unfortunately, there’s not a ton of books on instrumentals. You can definitely pick up a few books on jazz or classical guitar or a few books on rock guitar for example or some books on jazz guitar to learn the basics before we start playing any instrument: such as playing over simple chord progressions, how to get good intonation, and most importantly, picking out the right solo to cover a solo. This is not a bad idea, because if you know what you’re doing and you can play the solo perfectly, it won’t matter at all. If, instead, you can’t play a perfectly chord, then it’ll affect your ability to jam.

Can you recommend any instrumental lessons?

Probably not, and not recommended for beginners, so unless you plan on becoming a full-time musician, these will be out of your hands.

Can I learn to play the guitar on the guitar lessons?

Absolutely, but I don’t recommend this. Guitar teachers will make you learn the fretboard and memorize music theory, which is useless and very risky. The truth is, if you want to learn any instrument, you’ll need to learn how to play it really well—even though a simple solo in the guitar can be very boring.

But if you do want to learn the guitar, I suggest that you learn to play it as fast as possible, and then build up the speed. Eventually, at some point, you’ll be able to play a good solid five-bar blues, and you haven’t even begun!

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