Should I learn piano or guitar first? – Learn Piano Chords

A: If you have both parents who play piano or play music, pick one. Your primary need is to make it easier for your parents to learn the instrument they prefer, but if you have less time, go with the piano. If you have some more time but don’t have piano, go with guitar. If your younger brother can’t speak French, this is a good opportunity to become fluent in French language and culture. If the answer is “you don’t know enough,” then your parents may want to get you a personal tutor instead. Your brother can try to do it for a few days and if he likes the instructor, he’ll continue doing these after class.

What does it mean when I say that you can learn anything you want? A: You just need to set an ambitious goal and then look for ways to get there. It doesn’t take a lot of effort and it’s not hard to understand how things work out when you try it out.

How often can I see a therapist? A: The therapist is a person you can talk to over the phone, in person or Skype. Ask your family doctor to recommend someone, but make sure it’s someone you know, that is not just someone you can call when the mood strikes. Make sure that the therapist has experience in dealing with children, if a child has behavioral problems, or if you want to change the way a child behaves as an adult.

Is it OK to tell my mom that she’s just too lazy to cook? A: When you do this, you’re lying to her, and telling her she should be doing something that you think is more important. If you are trying to make your mom work more, this is a false comfort to her. Her lack of effort would be a serious detriment to you, so don’t do it.

What should I do if I’m not sure how to start going out? A: If it’s like most kids, your parents will try and start it with you when just a few years old. However, they usually know very little about children’s behavior, so it will be a while before it becomes natural for your parents to get the hang of starting it up without too much effort.

Is homework fun in the short term? A: Yes. If your parents have taught you everything you need to know about grades and tests, it’s not difficult for it to get tiresome at first. But once your parents get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll

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