Should I learn piano or guitar first? – Playing Piano Keys

If you’re considering piano or guitar as a first choice you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice. While the two require different learning styles, you’d be best off learning both at a rapid pace to avoid becoming overly familiar with one before you’ve learned the other.

Why should I learn more than one language?

There are no general rules that apply to everyone. Instead, we think of languages as general tools that you can use on a range of topics to help you develop and hone your overall communication skills. The following sections outline the pros and cons of learning multiple languages.


Language learning is not hard. There really isn’t a ‘short cut’.

You do not have to learn all languages at once. Instead, pick one or two languages and focus on language learning in them.

One or two languages are easier to learn than many other languages of comparable complexity.


There are so many more choices at any given time.

You learn very little as you work through the learning curve. You need to be prepared to learn something new each day to stay motivated.

You end up with too many languages to keep up with or do it without.

When it comes to learning languages in an integrated fashion, languages such as Greek, Arabic and Latin are the most difficult. You need to spend much more time each day working with more or less one language to truly master it.

If you want to learn multiple languages, we recommend doing it this way.

What are the costs of learning languages?

Learning multiple languages for a number of years may not be cheap. In fact, learning multiple languages at once is one of the most costly options you can undertake on the path to language mastery.

However, depending on whether you want to:

continue your studies of each language,

go back to your home language on a regular basis for fun, or

become comfortable with a new language, you’re going to end up spending more or less the same amount for each language.

The money you spend on a language in the wrong way can really impact your overall life and may put your career in jeopardy. You’ll have to decide whether being the same age as a parent or grandparent is the best investment for you.

If it seems like I’m always writing about the “new thing” in the world of music, it’s because I am.

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