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As an adult, my first stop in music coaching is in the form of professional lessons with a qualified coach. This is when I choose to get on the road and do it. The most important thing I notice is that most of my early students, usually young 18-25 years old, want to learn to play the piano, but they just don’t have the time and energy to learn the piano themselves.

I often ask them when they have this experience and they reply that their piano lesson was short lasting, and they had a lot of fun, but they can’t remember the whole lesson. This is usually because the music training is not the only thing my students want to learn from playing the piano. In my coaching, I also teach more advanced techniques, as well as what is considered a beginner’s tip.

This means that they have to be taught what to do, and then they have to perform and perform the same way! After the basic skills, if they feel they are ready, they can move on to some more advanced stuff on their own.

Why do I prefer having a coach over just learning from a teacher?

I think my philosophy on teaching (i.e. I prefer having a coach over learning just from a teacher) is quite different than that of a typical teacher, because they want their students at the end of the day to perform to the highest standard.

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So if an 18 year old piano tutor is able to teach you how to play the piano, but you really cannot play at all because you are completely unaware of basic things, but your teacher could have taught you how to play, because he or she thinks you will come to the piano in the future and perform, and that’s what he or she thinks the students’ future is, for better or worse.

A teacher, on the other hand, needs to teach you so that you can perform at a certain level. He or she is trying to teach you something, and then it will take a while to achieve it, because they are actually teaching you so that you can take care of your parents, who have to take care of their children.

Are there any good piano teachers nowadays? What other teachers should they take into consideration and why?

Some teachers today aren’t very good. So many people are using computer programs and other programs that simply tell you that what you are doing (playing) is good. I’m not sure if they can actually play the piano well, but they

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