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As stated above, starting off as a beginner at piano is an extremely smart choice as it allows you to keep developing your skills and get to the point where you are comfortable playing without any pressure. In reality there are no set age requirements, although some prefer starting off at the younger end of the scale. Many children begin playing piano while still school-age (5-7 years), while at the age of 5 or 6 it is likely to be the case that any child playing piano has a piano that is of a lower specification than their peers. However this is not the case for adults, where it is quite an adult’s preference to stick with the same piano as their teacher. It is not uncommon to hear pianists complaining about how their teachers taught them to play the bass as a baby, but in truth this is completely normal for young children.

However it all comes down to what is best for you. For my own own child and younger-self, with my own style I felt like starting piano at a much younger age. This came at a cost to my child’s development though, as by the time I got him to begin lessons at age 3 I would be approaching a stage where I began to see his fingers being so far out of tune that I was not confident in using him to play the music I had been trained to play. My advice though would be to wait until you are much closer to the piano when you start lessons and you can play with a level of precision that you feel comfortable with.

Where can I get help learning piano and learning to play it?

A good place to get help with learning piano and playing it is online or in person. While it is quite challenging to play one’s first song on piano it is also quite an engaging exercise and it is ideal to practise with people you feel you have a lot in common with. Having said that many piano and music teacher are very open to helping out, especially if they are new to the piano, as you can often feel the difference between having the best piano teacher at a certain school in Sheffield, versus someone who’s a long way away. I have had many teachers who were so open to helping that I would find myself playing the music in school with them if I chose to make the effort.

I have been very lucky to work in the industry for many years and have been able to find places and support around the country, which are all very helpful. One great place to get help for learning to play piano is

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