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It can even be used to find out whether a person is speaking in the same language as you.

For example, a person’s name is called ‘A’, but their phone number is called “5555”.

So, what if I ask you to guess your phone number, but then you’re already speaking in english?
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When you talk with a foreigner in korean, or any Asian language other than his or her own, the answers will sound like they’re talking like they’re speaking English. (ex: “Oh, what do you need it for? “)

Also, the person speaking may not hear your responses, and sometimes he or she uses a “phantom sound” to mask the actual sounds.

This has the added value of making korean speakers sound more like native-speaking koreans!

What’s up with the Chinese in “Hello” and “Good day”, etc?

They’re supposed to be in Chinese or Japanese script, but they’re often misspelled “huh” in korean.

Is it possible to get “Hello” in any other language besides chinese?

It is not possible to read any korean text that does not include a “Hello” at the end; this is because we only have “Hello” and “Good day”.

Why do u use “hi” to say hi?

Sometimes one uses “hi” to say “hi” to a foreigner, but sometimes they say “hi” to you because it’s more polite to speak your greeting with your hands before speaking to someone.

So, in order to know how to behave when greeting someone, you must first be able to say “Hi”.

How does / when does korean start using the “hello” sound?

In korean, “hello” starts with an “oo” sound, which is in the same pattern as the “eoo” sound in english or “eeoyoo” in chinese. (I am not a korean speaker, but from my korean school I could tell you that the korean “hello” sound is also in the same pattern.) Also, the “Eo”.

How does / when does “ha” start using the “huh” sound?

In korean, “ha” is not used with any syllabic word until the “oh” sound is in sight. (Note that when there isn’t

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