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A viola can cost from £500 to £15,000 depending on the size of the instrument, materials such as wood, leather and metal and the particular style.

In 2016 alone a viola made at Stradivari’s workshop costs an average of around £18,000 and can cost well more.

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The most expensive violins were made in 2014 by Richard II in an 11th Century wood, while the best violins were made in 2011 by the workshop of Luigi Boccaletti.

When it comes to purchasing a viola from museums, there are many online platforms that aim to bring quality music to the masses and offer a wide range of violins and cellos.

The biggest platforms such as the Violin Center, the Strade Bianche and the Musica Museum, where the best quality violins are sold are very popular and allow for a very wide range of prices.

If you want to purchase a concert violin you have to make sure the manufacturer’s name is in the catalogue.

Many violins made at Stradivari’s workshop are not listed in the catalogue and you must visit the viola maker’s workshop, where you will find more information and an explanation of the process to choose an instrument.

Is there a difference between a violin and other kinds of music?

A piece of music has been performed before, it has been printed out and it is played.

A Violin is an instrument that people have played through music for many centuries and it has been in existence for thousands of years.

The other kind of music on offer is a cello and viola that people play.

A musician might play a single piece of music, the sound of which might be made up of different parts, and the musician might be completely inaudible, but the sound of the music is there.

A great violin maker will put a lot of time and thought into the making of a viola and he might even produce an instrument that is very playable, but the sound is not very impressive.

Viola maker Rigoletto has achieved great heights in the craft.

Can I buy a Stradivarius violin?

Although you can buy pre-made Violin Strads from many places, the majority of Stradivaris are not made from Stradivaris, but from violas which have never been owned by Stradivari and will never be.

You can therefore only

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