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If you’ve spent years learning music in a classical music program, and you’d like to learn more about the instrument with the help of a free, easy-to-understand lesson, this video is for you. “I played harpsichords when I was young and they came out really good for those little pieces,” says Rochas. “Now I only really play one harp, but that’s good! There aren’t many of those. But it’s still beautiful: you know how a harp sounds, and the sounds on some harpsichords are actually really deep.”

After his death, his magic is still powerful enough that he was able to use it during the final battle. However, he made his magic crystal vanish (and he may have already done so), leaving the power behind and it is possible to obtain it in the hands of an enemy. However, it is quite rare to find it and you need to kill a monster with the crystals. Although, they are still quite valuable, so you’d better not kill them until something else comes along.

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This article is about the Dunmeri House. For the Dunmeri culture, see Dunmer (culture).

Dwemer (pronounced Dee-MAY-veer) (sometimes shortened to “Dwemers”) are a race of Dunmer, of whom the last three generations were Khajiit.[1] In Morrowind, the race’s members are known as Dunmeri. As such, they use the term “Dunmeris” for their home in the world.[2] Their original home is Red Mountain. They are descended from a tribe of Khajiit, the Dwemer. Originally, the Khajiit were allied with the Telvanni,[3] who ruled a large part of Morrowind, but now live as independent states.

Like the Dwemer, they lived underground but became more prominent on the mainland by the Fifth Era. The Dwemer used magic like all the other races, and their technology had to be a result of the technology of the Tribunal. The Dwemeri society was based around religion and a common language.[4]

Like other Dunmer, the Dwemer used the art of Dunmeris, which was primarily used in building and repairing structures. This was replaced by the creation of the Art of Alteration in 2E 584.[5]

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