What is a small piano called? – Learn Piano Keyboard Online

A small piano is a piece of equipment that you have in your living room, a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, or whatever other room you have access to. They will usually be under about 8′ x 8′ or so, and have a small sound system (I believe they are called small pianos in a lot of locations). They are great for teaching piano, or for keeping track of parts or for making notes to yourself! It will also allow you to add on a small keyboard to go on the small piano.

They are usually smaller than most of the instruments we are going to play on in this blog. So this is something that you can definitely make a few adjustments and modifications on. The key is to not get stuck in the idea of a big piano and think you would still be able to play “big” like a piano if you were more advanced.

Some of these will come in handy if you want to learn to play your own music as well, or create your own pieces of music.

Piano in the U.K.—A Quick Overview

The British have what have come to be known as “small” pianos. The basic ones are usually called “piano” and they look a little bit like this:

The big “Big” ones look like this:




Piano–Bona Fide




MiniPiano – This

Other Small Items:

Kartosan Piano


MiniPiano II

MiniPiano II+

MiniPiano III

MiniPiano III+



MiniPiano II (Not available in the U.K.)

MiniPiano II+

MiniPiano III


Large Pianos – The Classic

Large pianos are generally more expensive than smaller pianos, but they are just as useful and fun to play. Large pianos are usually over 13′ in circumference and around 45′ in length. The main difference from smaller pianos is the size of the sound, and larger pianos usually have a bigger system, but usually much more powerful sounding.

I think that my favorite of these large

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