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Quick Walkthrough [ edit ]

Complete the quest on your own. Kill a bandit group leader for the quest. Help him escape.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

A Bandit Leader [ edit ]

Once you have learned to fight as a Nightblade and the Vigil can begin using you, you’ll have to complete the following objectives:

Complete the Bandit Leader quest.

Help the bandit group leader escape through the ruins of the bandit hideout. Kill the bandit leader, and return to the Vigil.

Detailed Walkthrough [ edit ]

The Bandit Leader [ edit ]

Upon being asked about the Vigil’s purpose, the bandit leader says: “You need to know who I am. I was born here. There, somewhere. Before, I was a small bandit at one of the most important places in all of Skyrim. Now I am a full-fledged bandit lord. I rule over a massive bandit army, and the local militia. I am the King of Mannimarco. The entire town is under my domain. What better way to show them how petty and petty they are.” You agree to help him, though you should be wary, the area is a dangerous place. You will hear of a mysterious masked stranger known as the Hooded One and his band of bandits. As you begin to head to Mannimarco through one of the city’s bridges, the mysterious hooded man behind the wall tells you: “We are coming. All of you. We are coming.” He tells you that he is a bandit who was once an ally of the Vigil, then fell into a life of crime. While the Vigil sought to rid him of his “evil,” he turned against the group and now seeks redemption for his past.

Talk about the Hooded One for about an hour. The hooded man’s face appears on your conversation list, as a target;

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