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The new season of WWE ‘s SmackDown is coming in just a few days on Oct. 18, and a special edition of Raw has been announced.

The show is headlined by a WWE Hall of Famer’s induction.

A live event is also booked for the night.

It is not clear which WWE Hall of Famers will be inducted, but the announcement is being treated like a WrestleMania.

It is also possible that a couple of former WWE superstars will be inducted at the same time.

The last time a WWE Hall of Famer was inducted on SmackDown was in 1996. That year, Randy Savage, John Cena and Ric Flair all were inducted. In 2006, John Cena and Shawn Michaels were both inducted on the same night.

Here are the Hall of Famers who received WWE Superstar of the Year, Wrestler of the Year and Championship of the Year awards during the 2014-15 season.

Hall of Famer Andre the Giant (1984 – 2013):

Andre the Giant won “the largest collection of trophies ever created with over 2,000 individual titles to choose from.”

Hall of Famer The Fabulous Moolah (1987 – 2012):

Fabulous Moolah was also named the “Woman of the Year” eight times during her career, and “Sports Illustrated Woman of the Year” three times.

Wrestler of the Year Andre the Giant (1984 – 2013):

Andre the Giant went through eight Superstars before finally being crowned “Superstar of the Century” at the end of his career.

Wrestler of the Year The Fabulous Moolah (1987 – 2012):

Moolah won five individual Sports Illustrated and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit of the Year Awards, as well as six of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Awards for men. She was named “Sports Illustrated Woman of the Year” four time.

Wrestler of the Year Vince McMahon (1993 – 2013):

Dudley Boyz legend Vince McMahon is “Sports Illustrated Men of the Year” three times, with his wins being “Sports Illustrated Men of the Year” and “Sports Illustrated Sports Personality of the Year.”

Wrestler of the Year John Cena (2005 – 2016):

The Hall of Famer was named the “Sports Illustrated Man of the Year” as well

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