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Our listeners have been asking us this question for two days now. The answer was a resounding YES. The free app Piano For Android – the very same version that is featured by C-SPAN in front of the White House – has millions of downloads and is the #1 downloaded music app for all Android devices on Google Play, including the Samsung Galaxy S III, Nexus S, HTC One X, and the iPad.

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Want to learn to play piano but don’t have the skills to master it fast enough? That’s why you don’t have to give up. You can now get the very same music app and all the music lessons that C-SPAN can offer via Piano for Android, all for under $4.00!

Whether it’s a beginner, intermediate, or expert pianist, you’ll find the music that you hear in this free piano player available to you right on your tablet, smartphone, or computer.

To learn to play a piano, you first need to master each of these 3 different categories of learning skills. They all require good music teaching skills – but there are a lot of different ways to learn them! The key to master music teaching skills is to pick up all the music that’s available and practice it, and start doing it as often as you can! Each category has been shown to be a good place to start learning. Check out these 3 free apps to get started on these music lessons.

Pianofonic is an excellent application for musicians and music teachers. By learning scales and patterns, you can quickly build your musical chops – and start playing your favorite favorites! The piano app is a great companion to the Guitar app in providing great tools to play and refine your playing. Learn in your local area or on the road.

Pianofonic is a great app for beginners. Using the “Song” feature, you can play songs from the iTunes library or create your own songs using chords, harmonies, and other guitar and drum parts. If you’re interested in learning more tips on playing this amazing instrument, check out the “Tips” section which features tips on playing harmonica, saxophone, guitar, acoustic bass (bass guitar and guitar), and more!

Free online Piano lessons to help you get started

Piano Lessons in your Android phone

The free Piano app has thousands of songs to start learning piano and it’s the number one app on Google Play for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, and other tablets.

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