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What makes a bass instrument expensive? What makes a guitar even more expensive? What makes the most expensive instrument? That’s right — a piano, like any other object, is made for one purpose: to play music. But the quality and price of the instrument’s construction, component selection, the labor that goes into producing an instrument of sufficient value, and the maintenance on this instrument all add to its value to the marketplace. Just like any other product, a piano has its cost and demand. However, a piano has an additional set of economic attributes. First, the labor that makes the piano has increased the cost of that piano to a level that is not being passed along in the price of the instrument. Second, and perhaps most importantly, the piano, like any other good, has a unique function for humans, which can be enhanced, not diminished, by further technological enhancement. For instance, with the addition of a touch screen display, the cost of a piano may get passed down in the price of that instrument. And perhaps best of all, the piano has a unique function that is not always the same as an instrument that is built for singing or other human-oriented uses. For instance, a pianist who chooses to play the piano can also make it very comfortable so as to allow them to sing more frequently. Such pianists may also have an incentive to provide their fellow pianists with free-hand techniques, to encourage them to learn more advanced music theory and to play the piano with more care. While the piano has unique economic attributes, they often overlap with the economic attributes of most consumer goods and they can be added to the piano’s economic qualities to make each one more valuable than it would be otherwise. We often hear that the best way to maximize the number of people playing pianos is for people to play them. But what about the optimal number of pianists? There are many possibilities, and most of these are not the same as the optimal number of people playing any other good or instrument. So although it is true that the most expensive piano does have unique technological attributes, what this really means is not that those attributes are valuable for the market to be flooded with, but rather that some of those attributes can be further enhanced to better suit the need for that piano. In order to realize the potential of each piano instrument individually, there are many considerations to be taken into account. Most often, this refers to the labor that went into each piano’s construction, component selection, and the labor required to maintain the instrument for all these
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