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Here’s just one reason why you may have noticed that some instruments are a little more expensive than others: you’ve spent a lot of money on them. The cost to assemble the piano and its parts can be substantial – a complete instrument has to be built entirely from scratch, and it is expensive to hire skilled craftsmen to do so. Plus, the components you add to your piano are made from materials that are much more expensive than a new piano.

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So why are some instruments a lot more expensive than others? The answer may lie with the type of steel used in the construction of a piano. Steel, or “rusted iron”, is an alloy metal that has proven to be very durable. The materials used in piano manufacturing are similar in appearance to the metal used to make many other modern tools, like a screwdriver or the saw-tooth toothpick. Piano parts must be specially formulated to withstand high tension, and in order to work properly, piano parts must be manufactured in a relatively small area. These processes help to lower the cost of making a piano, and also reduce the risk of accidental damage.

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Below is a rough estimate of costs you can expect to incur before you begin the process of creating your new piano. Remember it to be an educated guess – that will help you minimize any potential surprises along the way.

Building the Piano

There are three basic ways to build a piano: the traditional method, a hand-made method, or an automated method known as AutoCAD, or AutoCAD2.

Traditional Method – The traditional method is the method used by every manufacturer that builds pianos. Most people use this method because it’s the least expensive to set-up and it takes the least amount of time. This method involves some labor, but in general, it looks more expensive than most of the others.

Hand-Made Method – Hand-made method involves a high skilled labor force that uses specialized techniques to build a piano. This includes, but is not limited to, hand sawing, drilling, and chipping wood for the various sections of the piano.

Automatic Method – Automated method is the easiest method to use and includes very few steps. A large factory and skilled craftsmen, called automatic assembly workers, are used to make the piano.

So why are some pianos so much more expensive than others? Most of the expensive pieces on a piano are either the instruments, or the pianos themselves.

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