What should I learn first on piano? – Learn Piano Free Sheet Music Moonlight Sonata

First of all, learning one piano position in order to improve the other positions is not enough.

Instead, students should study both the piano positions and understand the meaning of the music to work on them, and then to be able to perform what they read in the piano book, i.e., to understand it.

The most important part of the student’s study is:

The student must use the information in the music to create a sound that will sound like it has happened.

(see my book “Bass Guitar”)

A very difficult way to know this in the beginning is to study the melodies in the piano book with the keys written. It will look just like the sound you would hear if you studied the melodies in a book. However, these notes in a book often have no meaning to them, the only difference being that the notes you are trying to create may help you understand the tune better or be used in its own way.

If you don’t understand everything you hear in the song’s melody, you have not “obtained” your first position of interest, but you need to do a little more work in order to understand it well enough to create a good sound, and to use it in the appropriate way.

The next most important part of one’s piano study is

(see “First Position of Interest”)

The first position of interest (first position of study) is usually the one that you find yourself playing the most.

This is because most of the pianists will not study other pianissimo positions like the first position in order to learn the rest, and most of them will not start practicing them until the very last step of the practice regimen. In fact, most young pianists, when they first start on piano, will play only the piano parts from the first position until the last position.

In the last stage of piano study, one will practice any part he wants, whenever it fits in his mind and allows him to do it very, very well.

If you are playing any of the first two positions of interest, you will be able to:

Make it sound as if you just started playing the piano. And to a certain degree you will, with any part you know what kind it is, but with the others you will be able to “feel” it well enough to make it sound like the way it is really done.

(see my book “Bass Guitar”)

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