Which instrument should I learn first? – How To Learn Piano Notes Fast

And is it even possible to do the learning before I start playing?

First learning a musical instrument is a matter of passion. I have been playing with the guitar since I was 12 years old and I feel that playing a music instrument is the most rewarding way for an artist to create music. However, even at a very young age, I had the idea that you can learn a music instrument through playing music. So I think starting with learning on the first day is a good idea for new students. Playing the guitar and piano as I did in kindergarten made me very good at learning and so at first I started with some basic skills I picked up over time. As a beginner you often find new things you didn’t know existed during the first few days on the instrument.

The goal of learning a specific instrument is not just about playing. It’s about practicing the part in the song that is being taught. You need to practice the parts you are looking forward to because that’s where it’s at: in the next day. Once you have a taste for one style of music, or perhaps after a couple of lessons and you start to like the style, you can move on to other instruments. I would recommend listening to albums by any artist if your learning with an electronic instrument (especially if you are only starting at 2 years or under). You will immediately hear what you need to hear. I also recommend downloading the free “Music Theory CD” that has great tips and suggestions on how to play and sing music.

Do I need to buy anything prior to my first lesson?

Not necessarily. If you are on a budget, you can try to buy a pack of music theory books. And if you are on a budget, consider the “Learn to Play Electric Guitar in 10 Courses” series

What is the best way to find a teacher and how do I find one?

Finding a teacher is often a journey. I cannot provide any advice, at least not in the best way possible. If you are looking for a teacher to teach you, take his/her word that he/she is a good teacher. If you are looking for a teacher to teach a specific style of music, try to learn that style first (or at least take the time to practice). The two types of instructors: teacher who is really good and teacher that is a good teacher or more experienced will certainly know which one they prefer and will be willing to take the time to teach that style of music.


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