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A. The hard violin is really difficult and most violins are easier; the piano is not. Q. How do you pronounce “downtown”? A. “Downtown” is pronounced as “doo-tah-toon.” Q. Do the Russians ever eat with their hands? A. They do, of course. They eat with their feet as well. Q. Are you as old as I am? A. I’m thirty-eight and I’m already dead. Q. What is the meaning of your name? I’m asking that because you were the youngest person to appear on “Saturday Night Live.” A. Well, there was a time when I didn’t have that name. I was a child star, and before the show, I started thinking that people called me that because you could see a little bit of a face in their eyes. I changed that. “The Next Step” is kind of my story. It’s my autobiography.

The man accused of killing a police dog during a narcotics bust has reportedly refused to sign a plea deal, saying he wanted a jury to decide whether he is guilty or not.

The unidentified man shot the dog, named “Frankie” by the police department, after officers raided his apartment in the 4500 block of San Antonio Avenue around 1 a.m. on Thursday, police said. “Frankie the Collie” is a trained narcotics detection dog.

Police were called by concerned neighbors after receiving a noise complaint, according to KSAT.

Police found drugs in the home of the suspect. They discovered “a substantial quantity of heroin, methamphetamine, marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia inside the residence,” according to a news release.
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Officers also found a loaded handgun, including a three-round magazine.

Police said the man had agreed to a plea deal, in which he pled guilty to narcotics possession and the handgun charge would have been dismissed. He was also ordered to undergo drug and mental health treatment. The suspect is expected to be arraigned on Friday.

A police spokesperson declined to indicate whether the suspect had signed the deal, saying the case “is still being investigated and we can’t discuss the details.”

Authorities have not identified the suspect or specified whether he is armed.

The San Antonio Police Department issued the following statement about this incident:

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