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A judge has said a teenager who used a ‘hurtful and hurtful’ online threat to intimidate his stepfather could do with a bit of a jolt himself.

The 17-year-old man was sent a WhatsApp message by the teen’s mother claiming his stepfather was a paedophile. She also called for his arrest.

The message was sent to the teenager as he was returning home, The Sun reports.

Prosecutor Simon Giddens told the court the teen, who is not a party to the case, was ‘overwhelmed’ and ‘distraught’ at learning what had been sent and his reaction was to call the police.

Prosecutor Simon Giddens, left, said the teenager responded by phoning police which arrested the teenager for threatening, insulting and criminal damage (file picture)

The teenager, of Barnet, north London, now faces charges over alleged harassment of his stepfather

When the officer on duty asked the teenager what his intentions were, he replied: ‘To make him look like a pervert and I hope he goes to hell’.

The message was sent by the teenager to his stepfather who he believed to be a paedophile.

Giddens said: ‘He also threatened the officer, saying: ‘I thought my stepfather was a paedophile. I won’t be going to school with him anymore. He needs to be put away. I hope what he does to you gets him banned from the internet.’

The teenager added: ‘I don’t care what he does in his own house, if he is going to do it he is going to have to go to court because I have had it in for him. I don’t like him. I am not going to allow him to hurt anyone other than me!’

As he was leaving the court, Judge Tim Kelly told him: ‘I am concerned the case is going to get worse and worse and I don’t want it.

‘You were being a difficult young man but you have been helped and I wonder just how difficult it will get

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