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Harpsichord is an instrument made by the Chinese harp music and dance group, or “Chinese harpists” for short and the first instrument played by a woman. For centuries they have played the harpsichord and it’s called the “Chinese Harp” because of the Chinese words that are often used with the name. Harpsichord can be used as an instrument, a piece of stringed instrument, or simply as a part of music and dance. The harpsichord’s unique sound can be described in one word; the “Chopin”.

Some other instruments made from harpsichord strings are the guitar, the mandolin and the mandolele. However, the most common harpsichord is the one made by this Chinese group (also called Chinese harpists). This instrument is made by using only strings and a stick to play the music and dance. It’s a popular instrument among Chinese. It’s not very well known in the United States.

Why are harpsichord keys black or turquoise?

Some of the harpsichord keys are made with black paint and it can be used as part of music and dance, but many harpsichord keys do not have the black paint so the harpsichord keys are turquoise.

Some harpsichord keys that do use black vinyl paint for the paint are:

The harpsichord is a small instrument and it’s important to have a key that will work with it. If you have black vinyl paint on a harpsichord key, it will not work with any other harpsichord key. Check your harpsichord key for black paint to match the harpsichord key you have.

The harpsichord is a piece of stringed wood and it’s made using a “key” which is used to cut and fit a metal plate on which the harpsichord strings are mounted. This allows the harpsichord to be played like any other stringed instrument.
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Some of harpsichord keys have a “hand” that fits a string on top of it and some of harpsichord keys are mounted on one of the key’s flat “hands”. Each key has a different arrangement of the keys and a number of different colored keys can be arranged into groups.

Why do harpsichord keys turn?

The harpsichord key turns because

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