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Most musicians do not have to learn to solo. This means their job is not at risk of breaking. However, if you want to improve your singing, or improve what you are already doing, then it is better to look into a professional instrument teacher. Most teachers have had years of experience in a particular instrument (the most common being pianists), have an understanding of it (as they have taught it), and have some practice with it. Many also have experience in other areas and can speak to them.

What are the differences between a professional instrument teacher and a student?

There are a range of schools to choose from. The main difference between the two is:

How many hours a month? The hours are usually around 12-15 hours per week

It is worth looking at whether this is enough time to study. Some schools offer one-day or weekend lessons. It is a good idea if this is the case, as it will give you more time to do your homework.

What are the professional instruments?

There are a number of categories of guitar. As all of the guitarists you will meet will be familiar with it, the following are the most common instruments.

Guitar (i.e. violin)

Acoustic guitar

Electric guitar

Double bass


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If you are interested in guitar lessons, then I can recommend the Guitar Tutors app which can be downloaded from iTunes. You can choose between several different guitar tunings, as well as an extra tuning option.

What instruments do I use to play?

If you play any instrument that would be worth learning, then that is the first thing you should look at. There are many people to choose from who can teach there skills, but if there is one instrument you feel strongly about teaching, then you should pick a school.

If you want to become good at something, I can recommend the guitar teacher course I offer.

How much do I need to spend for a month of guitar lessons?

You should start looking at the cost of a month’s lessons. At a basic level, I would say the money I ask from my students is £60. However, for most students, it would be easier to buy yourself the right equipment and materials. A basic set

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