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What time would you give a new employee to start their new job?

What advice do you have for companies looking for employees?

If you had to pick the 3 biggest skills your new company would need, What would be in your top 3?

When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump first met on the campaign trail in March 2016, Trump made it clear his opponent might not be as qualified as she claimed — or at least, maybe not as qualified as the Democrats and the Clinton campaign wanted us to believe. But after months of digging in and refusing to let up, the GOP nominee — with the help of a loyal and well-funded media machine — has finally found the evidence he’s been searching for, and it just ain’t there. On Thursday, Clinton herself told the Wall Street Journal that Trump’s lack of a high school diploma renders him incapable of doing his job. And now, as the campaign heads to Michigan and Wisconsin on Sunday, Trump’s own vice presidential pick, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, has made it more clear that Trump isn’t qualified for the post either.

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Speaking as the Republican vice presidential pick of Mitt Romney in 2012, Pence went on to praise Pence’s work building a “conservative grassroots network.” But after watching Pence defend Trump’s comments on Mexican immigrants and the use of a racial slur against his Democratic opponent, the Indiana governor was forced to explain that what Pence actually calls that network actually represents a far larger conservative network — one that’s far-right, deeply entrenched, and has connections to groups like the John Birch Society. In short, Pence thinks Trump is, at least in some respects, the candidate.

“My family and I are very proud,” Pence told the Wall Street Journal of voting for Trump in the Republican race.

By Dr. Peter Kwon

At a talk on May 15, a member of the audience challenged me on the question of why he thought Christianity was a good religion, and why he thought he (and I) were God’s chosen people. The reason I gave in response to that challenge was a combination of reasons based on my work in religion, personal experience, and observation of many Christians who seemed to really be doing things in the best interest of God because they were doing what God wanted them to be doing.

So, I will try to summarize my reasoning here. It started with an article I wrote which explored the relationship between evolution and Christianity to the point that I could honestly say there was no chance that Darwinian evolution was ”

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