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It sounds simple enough, but learning is one of those things that people do. You start with “the basic notes,” the basic steps you can take. Once you get into the basics, it really gets tougher to keep up, so a year is often required for a singer to really take off. It isn’t enough to know the basics right away, we’re looking for an artist to become familiar with the sounds. Once you’ve reached that point, you could go through an entire year of mastering.

How do you find quality musicians? What about your peers?
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When I was younger and auditioning for shows, I always looked for musicians that can play the same instrument for more than 20 years, and who bring that quality. For many artists, that means an older, more established musician – in this case, I went outside the realm of just performing. I auditioned many other musicians (including a pianist), both in and outside of the scene, and always looked for that artist that I could relate to. I still do that. It sounds crazy and obvious – I want to listen to the new generation of musicians that are coming up, and see how I could learn from that. Also, look at what the world is doing. In a way, I always try to find ways to challenge myself. My style was always about expanding my own comfort zone and feeling different. I want to push myself into new areas and make sure I’m doing all different things. In my journey, I’ve heard a lot of different things. It sounds crazy, but I always look at different musicians and make different decisions based on their approach to certain songs. I just have fun with it.

In the past, you’ve been criticized for not learning your instruments for more than eight years. How many years did you know how to play the drums?

I’ve been making music for so long. This thing I’m working on is really taking off and it seems like I’m at a different place from when I started music four years ago. I’ve been doing things for so long, I’m still getting older. I can’t really predict what I’ll become, but I guess I know I’m a new kid on the block, so I’ve taken the extra time to get what I need learned before I get too far into it.

Since you’re a new artist, many people might be surprised to learn that you’ve been making music for so long. Have you ever thought about how much your music has aged

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