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I can’t sing and I really like how much I like you, and if it’s just a one-time thing (and it isn’t), then I don’t mind letting you do it at least once, but as a lifelong thing I’m kind of afraid that if I can’t do it then I’m not good enough for you, so I’d rather avoid it for as long as I can. You think, if we get together, it might be a little bit easier?

You think he would like it if I did sing for him?

He says he already likes my voice a lot but he hasn’t heard it yet and would like to hear more from me, so why wait? Why not make it happen?

And that’s how we met, or rather, how we got here.

How to Make a Custom Downtown Kitchen

Making a kitchen from scratch for your Downton Abbey set of a film can be an exciting experience that will get everyone asking questions. It’s not exactly easy, but the payoff is worth it. As with any other aspect of filming, you need to have a plan. We’ll give you a sample design and then give you the tips and tricks to make things work for you.

The following video is a visual tour of various items in the Downton house, including a dining table, dining chairs, and an elaborate pantry with several dishes on display.

To see how our new kitchen is built, check out our Downton Abbey Set of a Kitchen Guide: How we created this kitchen

A Downton-style cooking table

The Downton kitchen is made up of many small components—kitchen and kitchen appliances, and so forth. Our kitchen table is one of the simplest parts of the whole project. Here’s our idea, based on a scene from the show set: John and Maud are talking about how their lives turned around in the course of this series of episodes. John says John “has turned himself inside out in these two seasons” — that is, Maud is very successful, but she’s also quite depressed. This is where the kitchen table comes in. We’ve designed the table to accommodate a range of height and widths. You can see in the video how well it works. This design also worked well when we were designing our dining set, because every single piece came together quickly and was a simple, functional design.

Two dining chairs

To create seating of

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