Do females have falsetto? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms And Spiritual Songs By Elvis

A: I think any time you are speaking about falsetto you are speaking about something that is done more with a certain pitch and not that which was developed from the female voice. For those that are thinking about training a girl’s voice, that’s a different topic and I would like to focus on that in the near future. There are a few female singers out there, and some good ones, that are doing a great job. I’m not one of those girl singers and not one of those girls is good in every way as far as singing is concerned, I do have strong opinions. I’m not saying the voice is all about how high you can sing and that’s not true. I find it’s a mix of pitch quality with some of the other qualities.

Q: Does she have a particular type of voice?

A: No. I’m not that interested in specific kinds of singers, I just like women. I find women have different qualities than men, different voices, different sounds, different tones. I like different types of voices.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to? I remember you have a collection of songs and albums you collect around you.

A: [A bit nervous now.] I know nothing about music. I know my kind of music, which is classical. I’m very, very into it. I don’t mind when people want to sing my music. I don’t care about all that. I really like that I have it in my library. I’m kind of curious about everything you can put in the library, right? I’m curious about that stuff. I know I’m not that knowledgeable in this stuff.

Q: Did you ever watch the movies about opera singers?

A: I have a couple of friends who can sing opera, and they’re amazing in the movies! It’s a good job though to have those singers around when you’re learning. [Laughs.] I did a few interviews back in the ’80s when I was going through that, and they asked me questions about opera and opera singers. I said, “This is the biggest problem in opera today! The audience can’t connect with the singer.” Some of them thought that I was kidding. I can’t believe some people would not want to try. I’m one of those people like that, I have a little bit of fear when it comes to the idea of singing. That was also an interesting bit of info to read. I feel

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