Do females have falsetto? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms Monksville

No, they don’t. The falsetto can make the voice sound different. Most often you’ll hear that sound in women who’ve just finished a high-pitched whine.

It’s been a theory that has circulated for quite a while which seems to back up my observation. Some people have suggested that the high-pitched whine of women will often mimic that of the falsetto. My sense is that this is a false perception, but that the theory continues to persist and may be used as justification to dismiss female voices because it fits in with the way male voices seem to be represented. For example one recent report on voice issues in children and teens claims that girls are made to sound like boys with the high-pitched whine. I haven’t been able to find hard evidence for the theory, but my suspicion is that it’s a fairly widespread one.

Are male falsetto voices really all that different to those of women?

Again, No (I’ve never heard of a true falsetto voice in my life – ever, I’m afraid!). The female falsetto can sound like a male falsetto, but it can also sound like a female falsetto. The male falsetto is more common, and the female falsetto is more rare. Males and females of different ethnic groups can also have the same falsetto, but only if those populations are well connected.

How do falsettoists explain why female falsetto would make women sound male at all?

They say this isn’t the only plausible possibility (though I’m doubtful they mean that it’s the only possibility). Most importantly they say this is a purely biological issue and we can’t possibly know why it does and doesn’t happen. What’s important to note in these discussions is that the person saying this idea is a male falsettoist. I’m guessing that if a male falsettoist actually believed that, he might be more of a problem than he is. For example someone whose main motivation is to create a better falsetto could make the same argument as a male falsettoist.

So I asked my boyfriend – I’m not sure who he is – to compare us. His falsetto is quite good by his own description, and so I asked him to compare ours. He was able to give us very good estimates of how far our falsetto should extend. The same was true for him. So at least he wasn

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