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Vocal nodules hurt, when a lot of pressure is being placed on each side of someone’s vocal tract, and pressure can be quite severe. In a voice transplant, the new patient is often unable to speak during the whole procedure, because the voice transplant surgery does not help the patient vocal cords. However, the patient can still sing. If there is one part of the vocal tract that hurts after the surgery, that is the one that the patient can sing from.

How long do vocal nodules last?

The chances of getting a new voice after the vocal nodules are slim. The odds are better if the patient is able to sing for a long time, but there is not much more that the surgeons can do. The chances are better if the patient does not have any other vocal surgery, like a tracheostomy.

Are vocal nodules permanent?

Yes. Sometimes vocal nodules grow very large, but that does not mean that the patient cannot be a normal person after receiving a voice transplant. The chances of the patient getting vocal nodules from other parts of the vocal tube are much lower. If there is more trouble vocalizing than singing in the new voice, there is a good chance that the patient will never be able to sing again.

What about people with other breathing problems?

People with certain cardiovascular problems may be able to overcome voice problems, like breathing problems, by getting a ventilator, but they are likely to need additional support to do so.

What happens with the voice after the transplant?

After surgery, there is a short period when the vocal cords remain weak. Some doctors think that the strength of the voice can decrease, but most surgeons do not think that there is a problem with the voice after surgery. In fact, many medical professionals feel that vocalization is healthy after vocal transplant surgery.

Before surgery

After surgery

What should I expect when I come to receive my voice transplant after a vocal transplant?

After transplant surgery, the patient will have a number of complications. The patients will be given a prognosis to be sure that they can still sing. When the prognosis seems to be good, patients may receive a special diet, if they are healthy.

After the voice transplant

When the prognosis after speech and voice is good, patients may get oral steroids to help with voice. There are some patients who may need speech and voice therapy to help with vocal problems. Once

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