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The most common complaints from vocal librarians are the soreness of the vocal folds and irritation of the tissues surrounding the vocal folds and the underlying vocal chords. If symptoms are recurrent, consult with your speech-language pathologist.

What is the treatment?

Most librarians with vocal nodules require no treatment.

Treatment of vocal nodules will vary depending on the cause. These include the types of vocal fold hyperplasia, whether librarians with nodules have other diseases in their life, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, and heart disease, and whether or not any treatment has been tried.

Some librarians have had surgery to remove vocal folds, which is why the treatment for vocal nodules may be different from what you would get after your throat surgery.

For more information on laryngeal lids:

Vocal Folds and Voice Box

Vocal Fold Hyperplasia

For information about vocal chords, see also: Vocal Nodules, Voice Box.

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