Does your singing voice get better with age? – Vtech Stand And Learn Singing Psalms Youtube Holy Bible Reading

What are some tips?
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I’ve done my best to take lessons so I have a voice that’s at a good level, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They are also expensive.

Can you sing “Merry Christmas” a Christmas Eve?

I would give it a shot, but not a holiday song. I don’t believe Santa Claus exists, and so I would need a lot more than that for a real Christmas song.

Do you sing Christmas carols at Christmas parties?

I do sing Christmas carols at Christmas parties, but not in any particular order. One of my Christmas songs is “I Saw A Santa Claus,” and I sing it at Christmas parties on Christmas Eve. But it doesn’t depend on a particular order.

Why aren’t you singing more Christmas carols?

Because I am not good at singing. And I don’t like giving out my lyrics so they have to be very good. I am afraid I will break the record.

You sound like a little boy. Have you always sounded like that or do you change?

I’ve always been a little boy. I always have. But my voice is more mature now. My voice will be in that kind of place for a while. The younger me, for instance, would still say “I’m a little boy!” or maybe “You’re a little boy.” My voice is more mature now.

Do you sing a lot at Christmas parties now?

Yes, I love Christmas parties. It makes my voice sound better. And it does make my life a bit better, too. But usually if you’re a little boy in the club on a Christmas Eve, they are gonna give you a nice song and they will sing your Christmas carols with you.

How does singing for an audience work?

It’s always good, but you sing for the guys and the girls. That’s how they treat you. They would say, “You’re a little boy, what’re you singing?” or they would say, “You’re so good,” and I would say, “Good for you,” before I could sing anything. When you sing to someone in a social setting, it’s not fun. But if you’re a woman, it’s just great. That’s why I sing “Merry Christmas” in public.

Does singing for strangers work any better?

Yes, but that’s not the same thing. People come up to me

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