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(6:12–18) The Flood was one of two simultaneous events that took place between the end of March, 3022 BC and the beginning of April, 3022 BC. The other event occurred in mid-to-late June, 3022 BC. A flood in the course of which all the animals and every living creature on the earth were killed and carried off to the ark, Noah’s family, and their relatives was called the “great and dreadful flood.” It was so bad that all mankind was carried off with the flood. [2:7, 8–24] The Flood was an event that came to an end, and Noah and his family left the ark. (12) What Noah and his family did after leaving the ark was not recorded. We know that in the ark only his oldest son Ham came with the Flood. (1:10) No other family was saved, and there was only one family left in the world–the entire human race. Noah told the men in the ark, “Let’s go back to the sea and we’ll wait.” (13) Noah and his family crossed the Red Sea during the day, and they arrived at the Dead Sea, in Egypt. In Egypt, Noah saw an angel of the Lord descend. “Behold,” he told them, “I have given you the great sign. For I know that God lives, and he will deliver you out of the hands of your enemies and into the arms of your friends.” (14) By “your enemies,” Noah meant the Canaanites. (15–16) Noah and his family lived until the arrival of Abraham in the region of the Sea of Reeds. (17) After he had died, Noah’s wife and children did not marry again. (1:26–35) Noah’s oldest son Ham joined the group that had journeyed to the ark and settled in a spot named “Tammum.” The land of Egypt became called “Hebrewia.” (18) They called it Palestine because Ham was the firstborn son of Ham and Canaan. (1:34–38) Abraham left the ark and went to Haran–one of the three holy cities in the land of Canaan. There he married the woman of his house, and they had one child, Isaac. (22) Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob crossed the Sea of Reeds to a place called “the land of Canaan.” They lived there for about three years, and they lived to be

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