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Don’t be afraid to explore the range of styles you have a handle on. I often find beginner singers either have lots of experience with other vocal techniques or they just don’t know enough about singing to do something new. I want my beginners to have a good idea of what I can do and what I’m capable of. If they’re unsure about something, they can always come into a rehearsal with some ideas and then I’ll take notice and do something I think will help them get a better feel.

Which vocal technique is your favorite?

My favorite technique is a free form single string. It allows me to go through different types of notes while maintaining the rhythm. I also play a double bass and a cello during the night, and use all of these simultaneously during rehearsal.

Who are your favorite artists or bands?
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My favorite people to write songs with are jazz pianists and classical players and singers. I think this is partly because I admire the range and range of their abilities, but also the way they play, the way they take their time, and the passion they pour for their music. Some other people who inspire me are performers I know, such as Toni Braxton, the Boston Pops, the Rolling Stones, etc. These types of people always get me going, and I always enjoy having them around.

Are there any specific vocal style you would like to sing for?

I love playing the tuba or other instrument, but I also enjoy trying new things. I used to sit in my room and learn from my CDs for hours at a time, but sometimes I like to just get out with other people and see what happens. I also really like to explore my range of techniques when I get home. For example, I once sang “The River” (one of my favorite jazz hits) in Spanish with the viola player, Jardín Vidal and I enjoyed singing Spanish melodies to him during dinner a couple of times. I don’t have anything specific planned at this time, but I’d love to do that sometime soon.

When you do sing for other people, where do you listen? Do you prefer a group or just an individual?

I listen to all kinds of singers because I like to share my ideas with the audience. I like to have people sing along with me because it helps me get into the sound I’m trying to create. I’ve never really studied it, so I don’t understand how much time I have

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