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I’d like to be in your company.”

How to Play the Piano By Ear in 3 Easy Steps
“I don’t know. I sing poorly.”

“You have a pleasant voice.”

“It’s fine.”

“I think we should try to sing together again,” said Beryl; “I think we have a good voice.”

“It’s really a nice voice,” said Henry. “You ought to try it.”

“I cannot sing at the moment. It seems all right—but it’s all wrong for a man who can sing, you know.”

“Why, it’s all right at present, and will be better. It’s all right at present, because a man has the body and the spirit. It’s all wrong at present because a man has both parts. There’s another difference which I think will be of great use. I should like you to sing at my concert. It is a most delightful concert in the best sense of the word. I am much obliged if you would sing with me. I shall give you some music, and, at the same time, you will make me an agreeable hostess. The more the better.”

“Oh!” said Beryl.

“I should like to have a concert like this,” said Henry. “I have the body and the spirit. I should like to have a concert like this—I would like to have a concert like this, because my voice is much better than it is now.”

“Oh, you are much obliged.”

As Henry sat down the next table, Beryl took the little box from its box, and put it on the table. She took out a large gold leaf with the motto “In the spirit of the Lord” written across. Henry was in great joy. He had had a delightful concert, and his pleasure now rested upon the musical notes alone.

“You are a nice young man,” said Henry. “I like you very much. I have always enjoyed you. But the concert was not the most pleasant I have ever given, and I am so sorry I do not know how you shall make up for it. But the pleasure is not in the pleasure itself when it is taken in the right way. I am most glad you are in it. I have had some pleasant nights myself. You see you are not a very disagreeable person to me.”

“You are not. I can’t help it.”

Henry sat awhile, and then he returned to his

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