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BONUS: Read the lyrics of the song, and then write down where the lines need to be altered. Then just listen and learn how to do it the best you can.

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A few months ago, I was introduced to the brilliant Dan Heath’s book The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Being an Atheist by a fellow student I’ve been helping with their philosophy project. I was pretty nervous about getting into a philosophy major, not only because of the high standards and requirements but also because I know almost every atheist to have felt this way. After all, not only are they the atheists of the academic world, they’re also the people who were the first one to be “hated and hated on” by everyone because they were the first one to think for themselves. It was scary how much I had to learn just to be safe from some of the hatred and ridicule that I had gotten used to all my life. I remember how angry I was after reading The Philosophy of the Existentialist . I was convinced that I had to go into academia to be hated. Dan Heath convinced me otherwise.

I started my senior year in high school with my philosophy major on the back burner and still getting in, although I still had a long ways to go in studying philosophy beyond its basic requirements (just like an undergraduate). I had some time before finals, so here were a few notes I wrote that I knew that I was going to be able to use all semester long. The idea of this is to make a list that might help you when you’re feeling a little confused and wondering what to do in school.


1) Read philosophy.

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2) Get in to a philosophy major.

If you are unsure what a philosophy major is or who it is for, check out Wikipedia . Then, Google philosophy majors. If you have any doubts, look up a class at another university before you enroll in a major because philosophy majors are also on the decline. If you are already in a philosophy major, do a little “hacks course” on it in your student journal to acquaint yourself with any questions you might have. For some of these, I was looking at philosophy as an art form which is more relevant today than ever.

3) Read every book you can find on the subject of philosophy. Then, try

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