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There are several different scales in music. In a standard musical scale, each note of the scale is divided into groups of three notes. When reading an interval or scale, you simply count a specific number of notes. The numbers are based on the “scale degree”, or how many octaves down the chord are on the scale.

For example, if you have C Major and D minor scales, the A major chord is based on the C major scale. This chart shows what the scale degree is for each major scale:

Notice how E minor scale is in the C major scale? The same thing happens in A minor if one plays A instead of D.

This is why the octave system was adopted so thoroughly into Western music, and why it’s common to have more than one scale used for a single chord.

Analogies and Musician’s Tools

You might think that you are going to learn scales by learning them. That’s not the case at all. There are many ways to study and use scales, but the only way to learn to learn scales is to learn to play scales. That means learning both scales and interval relationships.

For example, think of scales as the standard way to play a major or minor scale and to learn intervals. If you want to learn how to play the major scale, you need to learn the major scale fingering.

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But how do you learn to play “major scales” and how do you learn to play scales? Both are very skillful skills and very different skills.


Many people consider intervals one of the most important and challenging skills in music education. But that’s not true. Intervals are one of the more difficult and time consuming skills to learn. For example, learning to play a fifth interval in the key of A is a difficult task. Even if you can play the interval with your hands, you probably cannot play the interval in your head.

There are many different ways to learn the intervals and they take a lot of practice to memorize.

You’ll probably need to work on it a lot on your own with an exercise journal. The most basic way to learn intervals is to start out by playing the whole interval once.

If you can’t remember what “A” is in A minor, or how to play another major scale, then you need to start playing intervals like the B minor pentatonic scale, and then start learning the interval ratios like the 4/4

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