Is E Flat a high note? – How To Learn Singing Indian Song

The answer depends on your ear, and your musical style. With the exception of a few classical albums, most American music is not written in A flat or D flat. Rather, you have to get your groove from other tonal areas such as G and A. These are the most widely played intervals.

D is too sharp, and G is too low, but D flat is a common high. A major chord consists of D, F, G, A, F# (which is the same as E/A), and B. The last of these chords are in G major, as in C major, which is the common low C chord. If D flat were a major C chord, or a C harmonic minor chord, it would be the minor chord Eb in A: a major C chord, and you wouldn’t call it E flat.

However, D flat is not a major C chord, but more of an antonym, and a minor C chord. This is because a C flat chord would be either the C major chord (C major), or an E minor chord (E minor). You need only add G# or D for a D flat chord.

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E is too low, and a Bb or C has to be added to provide a C chord. A Bb chord contains an E major triad, and E is the second tone of the scale from F#, which is our “dominant tone.”

A common E flat in a melody is Cmaj 7#9 (see below to learn more).

Bb (or C) is too high in a melody, and A must be added to provide that note. A common Bb chord consists of A, C (A minor), D (E minor), and E (Bb major, which is the C minor chord, which the “dorian” or “eighth” chord uses). In other words, a minor A or major D chord will be Cmaj. A Bb chord is really an A minor chord with a Bb dominant tonic (which is what makes it, at least in some countries, a Dmaj). C is the tonal root (and the fifth of G), which is very dominant for us.

If you’re still skeptical, try playing Cmaj7#9 (which you really just hear in the example just above). If you think it’s a Bb7 chord, you need a D minor (or E) dominant

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