Is it bad to sing everyday? – How To Sing Better Instantly

“It’s okay to sing in your spare time. As well… I really want to get better at singing. Please tell me about it.” (Reus)

“Okay. I’m listening. I guess it’s too early in the morning so you can let it go? In the morning you can make an effort, right?” (Sirius)

“I was really sorry, but can I say ‘yes’? It’s fine.” (Reus)

“But you have to be serious. If you don’t think you won’t sing a good one, it will be useless. I was thinking a little too much. What should I do if that happens?” (Sirius)

“If you sing too much your words won’t be beautiful, and you’ll have to put on makeup or you’ll look like some kind of a crazy person who doesn’t feel good about himself. If it’s just for now, you should just put it off…” (Reese)

“W-Why do you keep saying that!?” (Fia)

The princess was so angry that I could understand the pain in her heart, but… I thought that there was a possibility of her singing one day, but… it seems like it won’t happen. It is because I’m always thinking about it.

The situation is the same even if I sing today when the time comes. But it seems like I will continue to think about it if the time comes to sing.

“When you are happy you stop worrying so much, right? If you think it’s fun to go on tour with a singing tour, you’ll have an easier time with life, right? That’s when you’ll be able to get along with everyone.” (Sirius)

“Is it so easy to be happy? I know that the reason you can sing is because you love music, but it is also because you are happy…” (Reese)

“It is a bit of both. So I’m glad that your singing ability isn’t a problem right?” (Sirius)

“What a nice person, huh?” (Reese)

“…You sound like you are praising your parents.” (Reus)

“I just want Reese-ane to think that way.” (Reus)

He has a way to praise Reese-ane. It seems that Reese doesn’t mind being praised by him so, and with this

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