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Yes, but what is haram is to not be singing to gain fame and riches, and that’s why the people are asking for their rights back.”

The rapper even addressed the controversial “Karate Kid” singer: “How do you feel if he’s asking for his rights back now? I know how much he’s worth now. Is his family proud of him?”

In December, a federal court in California ruled in favour of Macklemore and his partner, songwriter Ryan Lewis (both of whom became famous in the nineties during the production of Macklemore’s song “Thrift Shop”), allowing them to record their own songs while pursuing their music through Warner/Chappell’s Songs of Innocence distribution company.

The ruling is also seen as part of an emerging trend among U.S. companies to allow artists who produced popular hits but did not record it for distribution to get creative.

“The way this is done is the copyright is transferred to the artist,” said Chris Gaither, author of “Music Business: A History of the New Music Industry,” a book of essays in which Gaither spoke to Macklemore and others in the industry. “So then if they decide they want to record a new thing, it becomes their property. Whether it is fair enough or not, I don’t know. But the bottom line is you transfer the copyright to the artist.

“I know it’s a crazy scenario, but this is where the current system works. With an artist now having ownership of their voice, that might not be possible without using their recording.”

The case is expected to end up before U.S. Chief Judge Sidney Thomas for his consideration.

(Additional reporting by Tim Fernholz; Editing by Alan Crosby and Will Dunham)

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