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No, it’s not hard. It’s easy! No, it’s not hard. It’s easy! We already know how you sing, right? I don’t need to learn how to sing!

[A woman approaches.]

Woman: [whispering] Don’t let this be your last party. Listen, I made a terrible mistake. I shouldn’t have let you live.

[Margo is seen smiling.]

Margo: Listen, I know you didn’t need to live. I understand. I’ll be honest. I was raised by my big black grandmother, so I haven’t really had the opportunity to live.

Woman: [looking at other patrons] We have fun. We don’t have to worry about what you’re doing. Do what you do.

Margo: It’s so sweet of you to take a different perspective from the way I see things. But sometimes I just don’t get it. I have a good friend who knows an artist who works at The Comedy Store. She works at the Comedy Store. She’s been there for 20 years. She told me she thinks the work of The Comedy Store is better than most of the other comics.

Woman: [walking up to Margo] And I gotta tell you, she’s right. The Comedy Store does more work than most other comics.
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Margo: [surprised] Oh. You have a friend who tells me there’s more work there than there used to be?

Woman: Well, yeah. The store is a much bigger place now.

Margo: But you didn’t really have to go back home.

Woman: [chuckling] Yeah, but I wasn’t going back there. At all. [walks past the patrons]

Margo: I’m so sorry, I wasn’t talking about you! I got you. [runs over to The Comedy Store]

[Margo and The Comedy Store employees walk over to a table. A man approaches and whispers in Margo’s ear.]

Male : Margo, you wanna take a shot?

Margo: Yeah, sure. You can do it.

Male : And will you leave the place before the doors open?

Margo: Yeah, sure. Let me know if anything’s bothering you.

Male : I’m not complaining! It’s a fine place. We’re having an open mic!

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