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Yes, because of the ‘Tar Man of old’.

Yes, because the Tar Man of old was a monster in the shape of a monkey. So, he was born before the Tar Man of the New World.

Yes, because the Tar Man of old had the ability to suck the blood of his enemies. This ability is still with him but has been re-hidden in the Tar Man of a new world.

Yes, only a monster could create a ‘Tar Man.’

No, ‘Tar Man’ does not mean anything in the Tar Man of old world.

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No, in modern world he does not exist.

No, all the myths are lies created by the Devil and spread by the Devil’s minions to mislead the people, since the myth of the ‘Tar Man’ was a myth created by the Devil.

Yes, the Tar Man of old world actually existed, for he was a ‘monster’ born from the Devil.

Yes, there is a new world which has never been created. TarMan was a legend from the New World’s legends. They just made the modern world to hide the truth from the people. But, no other people have knowledge of the legend.

And so on and so forth. I did try to find all the possible truth, without any false information, but I was unable to find anything. There are too many people and no place to find a ‘Tar Man.’

And so, I gave up. I have seen an endless line of other Tar Man hunters, all of which are very good, however, they have no clues on who actually created the Tar Man nor why he had these powers.

Now, I want to make my own Tar Man. That’s why I am asking for help from you, from now on.

If you are interested to help me in my quest for a Tar Man, please let me know and I will tell you how I can help.

But, I will give you a few instructions first. If you are willing to help me in my quest for a Tar Man, please send your application to [email protected], so we can know exactly who you are and do our best to accept or deny your application.

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